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DOC assigns 234.51% duty to Macao Commercial Group on Chinese-made innersprings

2018.12.22 926

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a final determination that innersprings produced by Macao Commercial Group are circumventing the antidumping duty order on uncovered innerspring units from China. As a result these units will be subject to a 234.51% China-wide duty rate that goes into effect immediately.

The determination relates to innerspring units exported from Macau to the U.S. that were assembled in China by Macao Commercial and Industrial Spring Mattress Manufacturer and other companies that are part of Macao Commercial Group.

Because these innerspring units were assembled with materials and/or components from China, the DOC has determined they are circumventing the antidumping order. It also has asked U.S. Customs and Border Protection to continue to suspend any entries of these units from Macau that were made by the Macao Commercial Group and require a cash deposit be paid based on the China wide rate assigned to the manufacturer.

Importers of record bringing the subject merchandise into the U.S. must pay the 234.51% cash deposit rate on the subject merchandise unless the importer can show that the units were produced by a Chinese manufacturer with a separate rate. Violation of this order could result in punitive action, including fines and further prosecution as warranted by law.